THE THIEF is a member of, a collection of 200 carefully selected independent hotels in 40 different countries around the world with distinctive architecture and interior design balanced with functionality and exceptional service. The concept was established by CEO Claus Sendlinger in 1993.


He explains why THE THIEF became Norway´s selected design hotel when opened it’s in January 2013. THE THIEF’s  vision is ”to create an unrivalled global community for aspirational and original hospitality experiences”. THE THIEF is not just a place to stay, it´s an inspiring setting which offers an extraordinary, holistic guest experience.



THE THIEF has it’s collection of art and art experiences. The hotel’s curator, Sune Nordgren, has hand-picked works by Norwegian and international artists for the collection. Some of the art works are signed by established and reputable names in the art world, while some of the pieces have been produced by young talents. The art experiences are created when the hotel’s guests encounter them.


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You meet art everywhere in the hotel – and outside it. Installations, photographic art and

graphics are exhibited in the common areas and in the rooms, and guests can choose from contemporary video art on the interactive hotel TV. Even when the lift doors close the hotel guests get to experience animation art signed by the British artist Julian Opie.

The suites have been decorated with original collages made by the English pop artist Sir Peter Blake and prints which Sir Peter calls “Found Art”.  The prints are based on old postcards of Norwegian icons such as Roald Amundsen, Edvard Munch, Henrik Ibsen and Sonja Henie. In other rooms there are photographs staged and “art directed” by Roxy Music legend Bryan Ferry and some of the band’s most well-known record covers. The hotel offers works by international artists such as Chris Gianakos and Tony Cragg, but also by recognised Norwegian artists such as Camilla Løw, Olav Christopher Jenssen, Kjell Nupen, Marianne Heske, Björn Ransve and Inger Sitter.




But THE THIEF also has art and design partners further east in the city. The hotel’s partnership with DogA, the Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture, gives THIEF ART an exciting interface with design and architecture. A natural extension of the concept which is explicitly expressed by the hotel concentrating on Norwegian and international design in its interior and decor.

THE THIEF sponsors Astrup Fearnley. The hotel lies side by side with the new Astrup Fearnley Museum on Tjuvholmen, and the celebrated art gallery is one of the hotel’s most important collaboration partners. THE THIEF and Astrup Fearnley have entered into a unique sponsorship agreement which means that THE THIEF can borrow signal works from the museum’s collection and display them in strategic places in the hotel. Through this partnership curator Sune Nordgren has paved the way for interesting encounters with the best of international contemporary art and in this way THE THIEF creates positive and unforgettable experiences for its guests.

Restaurant Fru K is offering a menu based on traditional Norwegian cuisine. From Mjøndalen in the south to Lofoten in the north, chefs have hand-picked the very best of what Norway has to offer. Fresh ingrediets are the cornerstone of Fru K menu. “Urfe” (an ancient Norwegian breed of cattle), goat’s kid, cod in the season and the world’s best, sweet goat cheese are among the ingredients that Fru K prepare in new and unpretentious ways.






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