Everyone, hopefully, knows the importance of books. Reading in one of those experiences that gives you a sense of emotional and spiritual richness, and of course knowledge or enjoyment while exploring the world of the human imagination!  Libraries have been the repositories of nation’s accumulated knowledge and the epicenters of their culture. Apart big buildings with books, are important landmarks designed with impressive architecture. Take a look at this 5 amazing libraries!


Sendai Mediatheque, Japan.  The interior of each level of the mediatheque is designed by a different designer.  On the ground floor Kazuyo Sejima places the administrative offices behind a translucent screen.  The second and third levels house the Shimin Library and include a browsing lounge with internet access with furniture designed by K.T Architecture



The last levels contain a gallery space, exhibitions space with movable walls and the other exhibition space with mainly fixed walls with rest area seating by Karim Rashid.  The sixth level houses the multimedia library dedicated to audio-visual with green and white furniture designed by Ross Lovegrove and a 180 seat cinema.


Vennesla Library and Culture House, Norway


Wood in all its glory: 27 ribs made of prefabricated glue-laminated timber elements and CNC-cut plywood boards are the basic components of this library. The Gaudi-esque timber beams and columns gradually shift shape according to technical and programmatic demands achieving a strong spatial identity well deserved for the cultural centre. (Helen & Hard, 2011)



The new library building completed in 2011 has won several architecture prizes and has been praised both within Norway and abroad.



The Royal Danish Library (The Black Diamond) , Denmark


The “Black Diamond” is a characteristic new library building at the waterfront of Copenhagen. The building from 1999 is designed by the Danish architects Schmidt, Hammer and Lassen as an extension of The Royal Library.


Rijksmusuem Research Library, Amsterdam


Founded back in the 1800′s to exhibit Dutch stadtholders collections. Ever since 1808 the museum has been located in Armsterdam, Netherlands. Originally the museum was known as the National Art Gallery and inspired by the French. It holds one of the largest collection of Dutch art work, crafts, and history.



The collection includes paintings, ship models, sculptures, archaeological artefacts, clothing, weapons, historical prints, photographs and much more.



NationalL Library, Site Richelheu, Paris



The quadrangle reserves its shelves for special collections in the performing arts (3,000 books freely available), maps and plans, prints and photographs, coins, medals, music (music books, periodicals, autographed letters, opera librettos, iconographic collections) and precious manuscripts. Reading rooms are open to the public to view these collections.


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