ICFF 2017: Highlights of the New York Luxury Trade Show
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After an intense four-day design experience, ICFF 2017 came to an end. The design event challenged the boundaries of interior design and amazed those who stopped by Javits Center. The New York Luxury trade show was the perfect opportunity for you to spot great ideas for your hotel interior design projects and also to see the most stunning contract furniture. So, today, Design Contract, brings you the highlights of the trade! Stay tuned!

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The 29th edition of North America’s premier show for a contemporary design was over the roof! The latest trends, the most exquisite luxury brands, and design’ finest professionals joined together in one place.

7 Best Moments From ICFF and New York Design Week

One remarkable moment of ICFF 2017: The Editor’s Awards 2017  were chosen and presented on the first day of the trade show, as part of the citywide NYCxDesign festival.  We made a selection of the most eye-catching ones! 

Booth Design

The winners of the Booth Design prize were Two Parts and Katie Shima, for a compact space lined with blue modelling foam cut into sculptural shapes. The booth was used to showcase the Brooklyn company’s ceramic LED lighting.

7 Best Moments From ICFF 2017 and New York Design Week