We really pay attention the opinion of the Design Experts. They just share insights on the hot hospitality design for 2017, and we want to share with you.

Zillow Digs, Kelly Hoppen, David John Dick and others announced the top five  design trends for 2017.  Are you curious to see what trends made the list?

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Golden Fixtures

Interior Designers will no longer be limited to silver or stainless steel fixtures, and will feel free to mix and match finish colors, or go bold with all gold,” according to the Zillow Digs report.

Top 5 Hospitality Design Trends for 2017

Mixed Metals

Designer Kelly  says mixing warm metals, such as copper and rose gold, with cool ones like silver is particularly hot right now. Los Angeles designer Jamie Bush agreed, saying he is no longer interested in matching every metal finish in a single room: “It’s too staged.” Try to play with those matching in your future hospitality projects.

Top 5 Hospitality Design Trends for 2017

Lapis Blue Mood

Several designers are developing a case of the navy blues.  Los Angeles designer Sasha Emerson hailed the color’s versatility: “It plays so well with other colors, such as pink, cream, gray, coral and sage.” Architect Barbara Bestor ’stried-and-true: Benjamin Moore’s Old Navy mixed with a little black. Plus this is one of the  Pantone colors of the Year.

Top 5 Hospitality Design Trends for 2017


Painterly Rugs

Whether it looks like a Motherwell or a Monet, a rug that is visually fluid with irregular patterns breaks the grid of rectangular spaces and contract furniture!

Top 5 Hospitality Design Trends for 2017

Smoky Glass 

Kelly Wearstler opts for smoked glass to “strike a tension between raw and refined, masculine and feminine.” That smokiness “adds a sense of mystery and intrigue to an otherwise typical material,” she said.

Top 5 Hospitality Design Trends for 2017

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