Discover 2024's Design Excellence: Game-Changing Studios
ELLE DECOR A-List 2024: Debuts – ELLE DECOR

The much-anticipated ELLE DECOR A-List 2024 has arrived, showcasing the most impressive designers across residential interiors, architecture, and landscape, highlighting the pinnacle of design excellence. This year, we spotlight five debut studios that are redefining the design landscape on a global scale. Let’s dive into the creativity and innovation brought by these remarkable talents.

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ELLE DECOR A-List 2024: Debuts


Augusta Hoffman: Elegance and Grace in New York City

ELLE DECOR A-List 2024: Debuts – Augusta Hoffman

Designer Augusta Hoffman, who ventured into solo practice in 2019, has swiftly made her mark in the world of interior design. Her signature romantic, elegant, and timeless aesthetic shines through in projects like an Upper West Side apartment, her own NoHo apartment featured in the May 2023 issue of ELLE DECOR, and a sophisticated Manhattan atelier for wedding dress designer Danielle Frankel.

Augusta Hoffman – Danielle Frankel Studio

Hoffman’s refined interiors are a testament to the power of detailed craftsmanship, continually reminding us that true grace lies in the subtleties.

Inspired by the Look

Luray Modern Coffee Table


Charlap Hyman & Herrero: Playful Precision in New York and Los Angeles

ELLE DECOR A-List 2024: Debuts – Charlap Hyman & Herrero

Founded in 2014 by Adam Charlap Hyman and Andre Herrero, Charlap Hyman & Herrero is renowned for its versatile and whimsical approach to design. Graduates of the Rhode Island School of Design, the duo has worked on diverse projects ranging from opera set designs to an art-filled Miami Beach high-rise apartment featured on the cover of ELLE DECOR’s October 2023 issue.

Charlap Hyman & Herrero – Venice Residence

Their work, which extends into art curation and retail design, is characterized by a blend of erudition and playfulness, ensuring each project is both intellectually stimulating and visually delightful.

ELLE DECOR A-List 2024: Debuts


Jeremiah Brent: California Cool in Los Angeles and New York City

ELLE DECOR A-List 2024: Debuts – Jeremiah Brent

Jeremiah Brent, the latest addition to the Queer Eye cast, has been a design sensation since launching Jeremiah Brent Design (JBD) in 2012. Known for his “California cool” interiors, Brent’s designs are marked by emotional depth and curatorial finesse. His portfolio includes the trendy Los Angeles restaurant Juliet, situated next to his lifestyle brand and retail space, Atrio.

Jeremiah Brent – Park Avenue, New York

A recent collaborative project with his partner Nate Berkus is featured in ELLE DECOR’s Summer 2024 issue. Brent’s influence extends beyond interiors, with his book, The Space That Keeps You: When Home Becomes a Love Story, published earlier this year.

Inspired by the Look

Malay Armchair


Uchronia: Vivid Fantasies from Paris

ELLE DECOR A-List 2024: Debuts – Julien Sebban – Uchronia

Julien Sebban’s firm, Uchronia, is known for creating vibrant and historically playful spaces. The name Uchronia, suggestive of a utopian historical narrative, is fitting for Sebban’s imaginative designs. His work includes a gemstone-inspired Paris apartment in a classic Haussmannian building, which graced the cover of ELLE DECOR’s May 2023 issue.

Uchronia – Montaigne

Sebban’s bold, graphic style effortlessly translates across residential, retail, and hospitality projects, including innovative fabrics for Prelle.



ELLE DECOR A-List 2024: Debuts


Yellow House Architects: Classicism Revived in New York City

ELLE DECOR A-List 2024: Debuts – Elizabeth Graziolo – Yellow House Architects

Elizabeth Graziolo, the driving force behind Yellow House Architects, champions classicism in her architecture and interior design work. After nearly two decades with Peter Pennoyer Architects, Graziolo established her own firm in 2020.

Yellow House Architects – Luxury residence design for Ralph Walker’s iconic One Wall Street

Her diverse portfolio includes both new constructions and historical preservations. Notable projects include a penthouse on the Upper East Side, created in collaboration with Redd Kaihoi and featured in ELLE DECOR’s Summer 2023 issue, where she skillfully integrated historical architectural elements like linen-fold panelling and fluted plaster walls.

The ELLE DECOR A-List 2024 celebrates designers who are not just creating beautiful spaces but are also redefining the boundaries of design. From Augusta Hoffman’s refined elegance to Uchronia’s bold vibrancy, each studio on this list brings a unique and inspiring vision to the world of interiors, architecture, and beyond. These debut studios are undoubtedly ones to watch, as they continue to shape and elevate the global design landscape.

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