What reasons make you choose a restaurant? Because the good food you know you’re going to find,because the atmosphere is pleasant, both? The chefs and their delicious creations are a very important factor, but let’s focus on the design. How a restaurant can attract you through the style?  Take a look on this 5 restaurants around the world!

Stylish-Restaurants-Farang-1Let’s start travelling to Finland. There we will find Farang.  The restaurant combines local and Asian influences in terms of architecture and design! Situated on the ground o an industrial building.


It is a stunning space with touches of contemporary. The color palette and the materials are very elegant yet simple. A work by Futudesign.


Taizu! In Tel Aviv, the design is so elegant and modern! Initially, the client requested for the design to be based on the five elements of the ancient Chinese philosophy which are fire, water, earth, wood and metal.


He also wanted the menu to be inspired by the street food of Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, China and India. This mix of elements and influences creates a very nice mix, beautifully balanced and harmonized. Pitsou Kedem Architects designed this space.

Stylish-Restaurants-Hinoki-1It’s time to take a look to the other side of the world and go to  Hinoki & The Bird restaurant. It can be found in Beverly Hills and it has a simple but lavish design. Situated on the ground floor of a building, the restaurant has a luxurious interior.


It was designed by Milo Garcia. For the interior, the designer used cedar in combination with glass and timber to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere!



In Mexico now, this is the Sato restaurant, and it has been designed by Taller5 Arquitectura. As you can see, it has a very lavish and stylish interior but, at the same time, it’s simple and somewhat casual.




The designers used a lot of wood for this project. They used big blocks to hide the lighting fixtures and these features help create a warm and inviting atmosphere.


Located in Santiago, Chile, La Boquería de Barcelona is a restaurant with a Catalan cuisine. The building in which the restaurant has been designed was previously a steak house with two levels.



It has been partially demolished and now it only has a balcony on the upper level. Inside there are two areas divided by a two-level wine cellar. The window treatments are very interesting and they give the restaurant character.

If you want to see more ideas from stylish restaurants around the world, you can find here!