Design Contract present Amazing Boutique Hotels and suites by top Fashion Designers selection to inspire commercial architects and interior designers in 2014. Fashion designers have come a long way from just making your wardrobe in vogue; many have branched off to create a name in home furnishings, accessories and, more ambitiously, high-fashion boutique hotels. All over the world, trendy jetsetters have been checking into hotels primarily due to the star designer behind the décor — from Versace Luxury Hotel in Australia, Moschino’s Milan Maison to Boca do Lobo for Infante De Sagres In Portugal. Flaunting decadent amenities and fine attention to design detail, these hotels are destined to visually woo and personally pamper. You can bet they’re all pretty stylish so commercial architects and interior designer will wind fome frest ides for sure.

Palazzo Versace Luxury Hotel, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Amazing Boutique Hotels and suites by top Fashion DesignersAmazing Boutique Hotels and suites by top Fashion Designers

The Palazzo Versace, meaning Versace Palace, is a luxury hotel located on the Southport Spit at Main Beach on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. Soheil Abedian of the Sunland Group visited the House of Versace in 1997 to propose the idea of a Versace branded hotel. He claims Palazzo Versace Gold Coast to be the first fashion-branded hotel. On his reasons for approaching Versace, Abedian says “Gianni Versace was a lover of architecture in the first place, a person who used in his fashion all the elements of the Baroque style. … Also, Versace was the only fashion house at the time that had a home collection and everything that a hotel needed from the porcelain to cutlery, pillows to fabric.” The main building was designed by chief architect Rocco Magnoli in Postmodern architecture style in a broad interpretation of Neoclassical architecture. In September 2000, Palazzo Versace opened its doors and created a new luxury address on a historic site in Southern Queensland on the edge of the Gold Coast Broad water.

Amazing Boutique Hotels and suites by top Fashion DesignersAmazing Boutique Hotels and suites by top Fashion DesignersAmazing Boutique Hotels and suites by top Fashion Designers

Palazzo Versace is inspired by the opulent palaces of Europe and the classic architecture of Roman times. Versace gave the hotel design his magic touch: its driveway is the second largest pebble mosaic in the world; the foyer’s chandelier was imported from the State Library of Milan; and there’s more than $11.5 million worth of Italian-imported marble. The hotel on Queensland’s Gold Coast features 200 rooms and suites, all decked out in Versace homeware and accessories, such as a private bar featuring Versace crystal and coffee-making facility comprising Versace china. Additionally, there’s private butler service for all rooms, three restaurants, five pools, a manmade beach, a spa (Aurora, one of Australia’s largest) and, as you would imagine, a Versace boutique. Don’t ever want to leave? Visitors can buy one of the 72 luxury condominiums.

Amazing Boutique Hotels and suites by top Fashion DesignersAmazing Boutique Hotels and suites by top Fashion Designers

London’s art deco jewel – Claridge’s Hotel

At the heart of London’s Mayfair, Claridge’s luxury hotel is perfectly situated for the West End, stylish shopping districts, leafy Royal parks and thriving business centres. The timeless glamour of Claridge’s is the result of more than a century of collaboration with some of the world’s most respected and influential designers.

Amazing Boutique Hotels and suites by top Fashion DesignersAmazing Boutique Hotels and suites by top Fashion Designers

The hotel’s original plan was developed by CW Stephens, the architect responsible for Harrods. Claridge’s art deco transformation took place in the 1920s and 30s. Created in one of the most exciting eras of design – the art deco period, in Claridge’s Harrods architect mixed the natural forms of Art Nouveau with modern influences of Cubism and Futurism. The bold lines and sweeping curves of the style give Claridge’s its unmistakable air of timeless elegance. Claridge’s invited art deco pioneer Basil Lonides to re-design the restaurant and several suites. His magnificent engraved glass screens still adorn the restaurant today. By 1929 the hotel was a world-renowned showcase for top British designers. Oswald Milne designed a new main entrance, removing the original awkward carriage drive. A façade of Roman stone and jazz moderne mirrored foyer completed Claridge’s new look.  The grand success of the art deco redesign inspired a much larger project. In the early 1930s Milne added an extension to the east side of Claridge’s. With its simple cubic outline, the tall brick block stands in both contrast and harmony with the main hotel building. Inside, Milne created a fine suite of reception rooms and guestrooms furnished with smart, eclectic style. The additions were widely praised in the press.  In 1996, Claridge’s embarked on a major design restoration. Inspired by archive photographs from the 1930s, New York-based designer Thierry Despont made over the Foyer area in modern art deco style. The centrepiece of the space is a stunning, up-to-the minute Dale Chihuly chandelier. David Collins was invited to create the new Claridge’s Bar, while Thierry Despont went on to create Gordon Ramsay at Claridge’s. Claridge’s entered the 21st century in a dramatically modern art deco style.

Amazing Boutique Hotels and suites by top Fashion DesignersAmazing Boutique Hotels and suites by top Fashion DesignersAmazing Boutique Hotels and suites by top Fashion Designers

Claridge’s continued to innovate over the past decated resulting in the rooftop apartments that were redeveloped in the early 1990s by Veere Grenney. A series of collaborations with David Collins and Thierry Despont added flourishes to the Claridge’s Bar, the restaurant and several suites in the 1990s. Twenty rooms and suites launched in 2010 were the first interiors projects in the distinguished career of Diane von Furstenberg. The Ballroom, French Salon and Drawing Rooms were restored by noted architect Guy Oliver – our consultant for over 20 years. He has preserved the original features, while applying the very latest technologies. In 2012, we completed 25 suites that bear the name of David Linley, one of Britain’s most respected designers and craftsmen. The results combine glorious Victorian and glamorous art deco design with modern flourishes.

Amazing Boutique Hotels and suites by top Fashion DesignersAmazing Boutique Hotels and suites by top Fashion Designers

Concept Hotel Maison Moschino


It only makes sense for Milan! Designer-inspired hotel have been established in 2010. Maison Moschino Milan is a 65-room hotel inside a 1840s Neo-classical railway station. Just like the brand’s whimsical, haute-couture designs, the hotel is all about fairy tales and fanciful fantasy. Once you enter, you’re greeted by puffy-cloud light fixtures, white lamb chair and lit gowns. Not one room is alike, and the design comes straight from surreal, avant-garde dreams: tree branches serve as bedposts, vines climb across a striped wall and a red gown constitutes a headboard. The Little Red Riding Hood Room has a patterned and stuffed wolf awaiting, while Alice’s Room beckons with a giant coffee cup in a twisted reality. Creativity here is an understatement.

Amazing Boutique Hotels and suites by top Fashion DesignersAmazing Boutique Hotels and suites by top Fashion DesignersAmazing Boutique Hotels and suites by top Fashion DesignersAmazing Boutique Hotels and suites by top Fashion Designers

All Concept Hotel Maison Moschino interiors were done by the Moschino Creative team. The hotel interior reflects Moschino’s distinctive style where the ordinary world is painted with a brush of surrealism with each room projecting a fairy tale theme.

Hotel Missoni, Edinburgh, Scotland


In 2009, Italian brand Missoni took a huge gamble by opening a hotel in not-typically-fashionable Edinburgh and definitely made a right decision. Hotel became one of the most popular and fully booked in the city. The design hotel pays tribute to the brand’s fashion and interiors sensibility (e.g. geometric prints) that blends with function, form and service. Hotel Missoni Edinburgh’s success led the brand’s creative director and Rezidor Hotel Group’s CEO and president to partner in another atypical location: Kuwait.

Amazing Boutique Hotels and suites by top Fashion DesignersAmazing Boutique Hotels and suites by top Fashion DesignersAmazing Boutique Hotels and suites by top Fashion Designers

Travelers in both hotels can expect stylish suites, complimentary minibars stocked with Italian favorites (like Peroni and Pelligrino), Nespresso machines in their suites, staff in custom-made uniforms (zig-zag kilts in Edinburgh; striped-dash dash in Kuwait) and a restaurant (Cucina) featuring personal recipes from Rosita Missoni herself. In the nearest future Hotel Missoni plans to open 30 more properties, including Brazil (2013), Oman (2013) and Mauritius (2014).

Luxury Hotel Infante De Sagres, Porto, Portugal 


Situated in Porto’s UNESCO Heritage city centre this five-star hotel features a spa centre with massage facilities and a fine dining restaurant. The soundproofed rooms of the Hotel Infante De Sagres combine neo-baroque and custom-made furnishings. The Well-appointed rooms and suites at Infante de Sagres offer the perfect urban retreat in Porto, combining original antiques, a superb collection of modern works of art and custom-designed furniture. Throughout the hotel, a classic Europeans sensibility mixes with the best contemporary design – a harmonious blend that results in a comfortable, luxurious and unforgettable stay.

Fine dining and a broad list of Douro and Port wines can be enjoyed at the Boca do Lobo Restaurant. The award-winning chef prepares a fusion of contemporary dishes focusing on fresh and local ingredients.




No surprise why Boca do Lobo took their chance to leave one more“signature” in this luxury design hotel – design “Boca do Lobo suite” – a unigue concept suite where hotel visitors will be able for feel and touch the spirit of Boca do Lodo design pieces. Despite that this projects is still under the development Design Contract gives you opportunity to take a glance to this amazing project visualizations and present you some furniture pieces and hand made vintage lamps ob Boca do Lobo partner Delightfull that the final visitors will be able to find there.

Boca do Lobo suite project


Delightfull ” Miles” wall lamp




Delightfull “Duke” suspension lamp




Amazing_Boutique_Hotels_by_top_Fashion_Designers-2014-Boca_do_Lobo-Delightfull_duke Boca do Lobo “Ring” mirror



Boca do Lobo “Manu” writing table






Boca do Lobo “Modrian”




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