Designer hotels are a dime a dozen these days, so how do you distinguish the authentically designer hotels? It’s easy you simply look for a luxury hotel that has actually been designed by a designer. The trend of designers lending their expertise to hotels is becoming a popular one, and as a customer I’m not complaining. The attention to detail that a designer offers cannot be matched by traditional hoteliers. Below is a list of some of the top designer luxury hotels in the world.

Schlosshotel im Grunewald by Karl Lagerfeld, Berlin

Top-5-Fashion- designer-hotels- around-the-world- 2014-karl-lagerfeld-schlosshotel-im-grunewald-berli

Nobody is more famous or infamous for that matter as a designer than Karl Lagerfeld, the visionary designer transforms any item he puts his mind to. So why would hotels be any different? In March 2012 Lagerfeld was invited to redesign the outside premises of the Hotel Metropole in Monte Carlo. This included the pool, terrace, gardens and the third and newest Joel Robuchon restaurant. Opened in the summer of 2012 the hotel will feature a fresco style installation that will represent Ulysses famous journey, chronicled by Homer. Another stunning example of Lagerfeld’s prowess as a designer is the Schlosshotel im Grunewald, which is an authentic designer hotel, located in Berlin. The hotel has it’s roots in history, having been built in the early 20th century and then redesigned in the 90’s by Lagerfeld. He used his expert eye to combine the grandeur of the turn of the century with uniquely contemporary features. The pinnacle of this hotel has to be the Lagerfeld designed Grunewald suite, which includes a living room, hall, a large bedroom and a romantic bathroom made using French handmade tiles and white marble floors. The entire suite spans 106 sq. – 1141 sq. and contains extravagant furniture reminiscent of the romantic Art Deco era. Located in Berlin The Grunewald suite costs a cool $2,650 a night.

Top-5-Fashion- designer-hotels- around-the-world- 2014-berlin-karl-lagerfeld

Top-5-Fashion- designer-hotels- around-the-world- 2014-berlin-lagerfeld

Armani Hotel Milan by Giorgio Armani, Milan 

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Armani is a brand name synonymous with high fashion under it’s many brands ranging from Emporio Armani to Girogio Armani. Giorgio Armani is one of the best designers to ever come out of the world’s fashion capital, Italy. Starting with Armani Casa, Giorgio Armani started to branch out into the world of Interiors; from there designing hotels was a natural progression. The two luxury designer hotels in the Brand’s portfolio currently are the Armani hotel in Milan and Dubai. The Armani Hotel Milano features 95 hotel rooms including 31 suites ranging from Armani Executive suites to Armani presidential Suites. The Dining experience is an ethereal one with floor to ceiling glass windows giving you a panoramic view of the rooftops of Milan. Located on the top floor the Spa is a 1000sqm of pure tranquility, as it has been designed to relax you as you look out onto the bustling city of Milan. The Armani Hotel in Dubai has 160 rooms including several suites; each room has been designed with Armani’s signature understated elegance. The dining experience at the Armani hotel Dubai has been designed exclusively by Giorgio Armani to reflect his personal taste level. What’s quite fantastic about a stay at this Dubai hotel is the exclusive retail experience you get; explore the world of Armani with three boutiques namely Armani Dolci, Armani Fiori and Armani Galleria. Both the hotels in Milan and Dubai represent Giorgio Armani’s personal style aesthetic. The Armani Ambassador suites at this exclusive Milan hotel will set you back $2,700.

Top-5-Fashion- designer-hotels- around-the-world- 2014-Armani-Hotel-Lounge1

Top-5-Fashion- designer-hotels- around-the-world- 2014-Milano-Suite-Armani-Hotel-Milano-1350x900

Bulgari Hotel Milan by Bulgari, Milan

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Top-5-Fashion- designer-hotels- around-the-world- 2014-bulgari-hotel-milan-milan-italy-106464-3

The Bulgari Hotel in Milan is located between Via Montenapoleone, Via della Spiga, La Scala and the Accademia di Brera, inside a tastefully renovated 18th century Milanese palazzo. Many of the world’s greatest designers call Milan home and as such it can sometimes give off an austere almost strict appearance. However underneath it’s many both literal and figurative facades, is an ample amount of courtyards and green spaces. The Bulgari hotel happens to house one such open space, a 4,000 sqm private garden that is a natural extension of the famous Botanical gardens located nearby. The hotel features 58 rooms including 11 suites, each room has ample windows, which give them a natural luminous glow. Bulgari famous for it’s attention to detail and use of precious materials has applied the same principles to the rooms, by using teak and oak to give off a feeling of intimacy in each room. Bulgari has also lent it’s expertise in design to hotels in London, Shanghai and Bali, each hotel reflects the natural beauty and environment of it’s location. Room prices at the Milan hotel range from $ 700 for a standard room or to $4,500 for a superior suite.

Top-5-Fashion- designer-hotels- around-the-world- 2014-bvlgari

Cheval Blanc Courchevel by LVMH, France

Top-5-Fashion- designer-hotels- around-the-world- 2014-cheval-blanc-courchevel

LVMH famous hotel The White 1921, in St.Tropez is all set to reopen it’s doors on 17th May 2013. Named for the year 1921, which was a fantastic year for champagne, the hotel houses 8 enormous rooms. One of the most opulent hotels in LVMH’s portfolio is Cheval Blanc, located in the exclusive ski resort of Courchevel 1850, the hotel is owned by LVMH C.E.O Bernard Arnault. The tone of the hotel is set as soon as you see the enormous glass stalilion displayed outside. 34 rooms and suites are divided over 5 floors with each featuring either a terrace or a balcony. Each room has a separate dressing room, independent toilet and a large bathroom with bathtub and a separate hammam shower
Equipped with luminotherapy. The White, The1947, The Table de Partage and The White Bar all offer ample restaurant and bar options. Guest can choose to relax at the Givenchy Snow Spa or choose another form of therapy with the Christian Dior and Louis Vuitton boutiques. Located in Corchevel, France, rates are available on request.

Top-5-Fashion- designer-hotels- around-the-world- 2014-le-cheval-blanc-courchevel-3

Top-5-Fashion- designer-hotels- around-the-world- 2014-le-cheval-blanc-luxury-dream-hotels-28

Luxury Hotel Infante De Sagres by Boca do Lobo, Portugal 

Top-5-Fashion- designer-hotels- around-the-world-Boca_do_Lobo-Diamond

Situated in Porto’s UNESCO Heritage city centre this five-star hotel features a spa centre with massage facilities and a fine dining restaurant. The soundproofed rooms of the Hotel Infante De Sagres combine neo-baroque and custom-made furnishings. The Well-appointed rooms and suites at Infante de Sagres offer the perfect urban retreat in Porto, combining original antiques, a superb collection of modern works of art and custom-designed furniture. Throughout the hotel, a classic Europeans sensibility mixes with the best contemporary design – a harmonious blend that results in a comfortable, luxurious and unforgettable stay. No surprise why Boca do Lobo took their chance to leave one more “signature” in this luxury design hotel – design “Boca do Lobo suite” – a unigue concept suite where hotel visitors will be able for feel and touch the spirit of Boca do Lodo design pieces. Despite that this projects is still under the development Design Contract gives you opportunity to take a glance to this amazing project visualizations and present you some furniture pieces and hand made vintage lamps ob Boca do Lobo partner Delightfull that the final visitors will be able to find there.

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Top-5-Fashion- designer-hotels- around-the-world-2

Salvatore Ferragamo – Lugarno Collection, Portrait Suites – Rome

Top-5-Fashion- designer-hotels- around-the-world- 2014-Salvatore Ferragamo –Rome

Ferragamo is one of my favorite designers, his design aesthetic is to use new concepts and blend them with the rich history that has come before. When applied to a hotel this concept translates beautifully. The jewel of the Lugarno Collection, the Portrait Suites Hotel offers 14 exclusive suites located in the townhouse above teh Ferragamo store on the Via Condotti in Rome. Located close to the Spanish Steps, the suites have been designed to represent the splendor and luxury of Rome in the 50’s, of course combined with completely modern amenities. Suites on the top floor afford a beautiful view from the terrace of the Trinità dei Monti. The Salvatore Ferragamo Experience lets you truly experience the meaning of the saying “when in Rome, do as the Romans do.” Guests also get a exclusive Ferragamo shopping experience and a 10% discount on all purchases at the designers boutiques in Rome. The suites start from $1,100 per night.

Top-5-Fashion- designer-hotels- around-the-world- 2014-Salvatore Ferragamo – Lugarno Collection, Portrait Suites – Rome

Top-5-Fashion- designer-hotels- around-the-world- 2014-salvatore-ferragamo-lugarno-collection-portrait-suites-rome-600x400

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