Do you need a simple but workable place in your own home where you can work, get concentrated yet with a feeling of tranquility to get inspired for your tasks? Take a look in our suggestions.



Nordic Style. Known by fans of organization and keep it simple.  It is a reflection of simplicity and cleanliness meant to fit in work places.The simpler the decoration and the interior design the easier it is to get around and to always find the thing you need. And, for those who gets distracted easily, simplicity meant fewer distractions and thus it’s easier to concentrate and to focus.


If you are looking organization, this is the right style for you. Focused on simple colors such as Black&White Nordic Style is also characterized by well-organized spaces which is also a crucial characteristic of all work areas.



If you’re afraid of a monotonous space add a pattern can be the solution for your problem.



You can add a color to give some vibrate ambient yet keeping simplicity, and add some of your touch in your space. Make it unique and special!. After all, creative spaces can create giant ideas.