Design Contract present external lighting trends 2014. Outdoor lightning can add a completely new flavour to your garden or your home’s façade. Garden and outdoor lamps are not just about illumination anymore. In this day and age, they are meant to be admired just as much as your flowers or the comfortable and stylish outdoor furniture. Extending the daylight hours is only a small part of the idea when it comes to light fittings that will be based out of doors.

Lounge Lightning

Creating some areas where the light intensity is relatively high is a good idea for any spaces that you will be using during the evening. For instance, if you want to have a lounge time out during the evening it is a good idea to keep the level of light as uniform as possible so that no areas or perceived to be darker than elsewhere. Think of a romantic drink for two – create a soft, playful light effect. so flip your deck, backyard or garden into an alfresco hotspot with the Lucente patio floor lamp by Euroluce. Boasting a great “lounge” really feel, these lamps make a striking addition to your landscape. Architect and designer Mario Mazzer pushes the boundaries with form and proportion, resulting in a present day and eye-catching piece – a tall floor standing base with a shade, entirely illuminated to drench your patio residing space in a warm, gentle glow. This Italian company applies the identical interest to detail and modern technique to its outside pieces as to the indoor, making sure a fashionable, chic piece for each part of the residence.

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Stringing Vintage Lights

Lighting that is strung along from its wiring has a romantic feel that can evoke a pleasant evening spent in a Parisian café. If this look appeals to you then avoid bulbs that have a pure white or bluish colour to them. Yellow and golden tones are better for externally hung vintage lights, especially if there is no cover or shade to the bulb. Cool blue will work in an ultra modern setting, but for that look opt for LED fittings. String your vintage lights out along the underneath of an awning or across a trellis. Ensure the product you choose is suitably rated to be used outside and that it can withstand poor weather conditions.

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Luxury Design Outdoor Lamps 

People that search for a sophisticated outdoor wall light far away from the conventional concepts Design Contracts advise to invest in new 2014  “Outdoor” lightning collections that have been launched by top lightning brands just recently. Just take a look at the outdoor Fluorescent Lamp by Vibia Vibia.

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Or “Outdoor” lightning collection by Delightfull. Delightfull’s vintage lams fans now are able to integrate in their house fasade. Delightfull now has available 2 of it’s greatest sellers accessible for the outside- exquisite pieces Galliano Wall and Coltrane Wall versions. These Jazz inspired pieces offer a monumental layout that will withstand time. They make a magical and a smooth lighting impact for architectural environments. Either in a Summer season Residence or in a luxurious outside residence, this new fresh collection will alter the way you appear at your outside residence decor. An additional great characteristic are the accessible finishes, choose any RAL shade of metallic finish from their catalog free of charge.

Outdoor_&_Garden-Lighting_Ideas- 2014_trends-Deligtfull-lamps

Outdoor_&_Garden-Lighting_Ideas- 2014_trends-Delightfull

Glowing Lighting Products

Looking for something different when it comes to external lighting? How about themselves glowing lighting products? All sorts of external furniture can be fabricated to include an element or two of lighting, so think a little about using your external lighting in a novel way. Take a loot at a Plust Collection to offer dramatic however sophisticated polyethylene lighting remedies for interiors and exteriors alike. Inspired by the appeal of oversized flowers, the Harbo and Boyo polyethylene lights can create a extremely special environment in any contemporary / contemporary setting. Harbo is the taller, slimmer light, whereas Boyo is the rounder, shorter a single. They are both sleek and minimum and give off an inviting and calming glow. Shape and type is an essential component when developing spaces. These Plust lights are a superb way to add that dimension to your room. The vases are 100% produced in Italy out of polyethylene with a stainless steel base.

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Entire Exterior Wall Illumination

Creating a wall wash will really make your lighting design work in a way that is more integrated with the rest of the home’s architecture. Wall washes create a soft look, because the light hits your eye having been bounced off the wall. It can draw attention to details in the architecture and make a home seem inviting from the outside. To mark out a route for guests to take wall washes that splash onto the floor is a good idea.

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Paving Lights

Paving lights sit within a block paved patio of external floor to mark out obstacles and provide a level of light that is sufficient for you to find you way around. The beauty of these sorts of fittings is that they can be trodden on without being damaged or creating a trip hazard in their own right. Select ones with long lasting LEDs so that you don’t constantly have to replace them. A “buried cube” minimalist lamp by Spanish manufacturer Vibia is a both elegant and cool addition for the walkway of an equally minimalistic home. Besides showing off the beautiful stone, this lamp casts a discreet yet accentuating sheet of indirect light on the wall of the home. The geometric and slightly asymmetric casing (resembling a partially-buried cube) is very modern and comes in several beautiful finishes: sleek white, silver, exposed concrete and, perhaps my favorite, rust. A rather small lamp, it can be the artistic composition of a wall whenset in a group of 3 to 5.

Outdoor_&_Garden-Lighting_Ideas- 2014_trends-By-Vibia

 Bollard Lighting

Bollards are not just for stopping vehicles going where they should not. If you have a an area that you want to mark out with lighting, but don’t want a street-like effect with lamp posts sticking up everywhere, a stylish illuminated bollard is the answer. This is a particularly neat solution if you have light pollution to a neighbor’s property to consider, since the reduced height of bollards allow for very little light spill.

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Floating Water Lights

A beautiful and innovative solution for decorative outdoor lighting is the addition of floating water lamps. The water-resistant products are very decorative and create a dreamy atmosphere on a garden pond as they lazily float around with the currents. These bright, water and temperature resistant globes by Moonlight can turn any pool party into a fascinating light and water festival. They come in two sizes, 25 cm and 75 cm diameter.  They are also UV stable and very sturdy, so you don’t need to worry about kids breaking them.

Outdoor_&_Garden-Lighting_Ideas- 2014_trends-Moonlight-MWV-floating-water-lamps


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