Hospitality and leisure environments must create memorable guest experiences. Professional architects and interior designers, especially the ones that work in hospitality sector, should check out this article because today Design Contract present 5 fantastic boutique hotels projects each interior designer must know 2014 and shares with you valuable advises!

Hôtel Le Crayon

Hôtel Le Crayon in Paris interior is a whirlwind of color, and features original work created by the French artist Julie Gauthron.

Top-5-boutique_ hotels-each- interior_designer- must-know-2014-Hotel-Le-Crayon

Top-5-boutique_ hotels-each- interior_designer- must-know-2014-Hotel-Le-Crayon-3

Advise 1: Extraordinary from Ordinary

When picking out major pieces of furniture show off your sense of individual style, and create a great statement piece for your interior design project. For example, the cabinet that takes a beautiful chest form and adorns it metal organic lace, revea- ling a mesmerizing hint of what lies beneath. Non-traditional colors, or non-traditional fabrics would make a great addition to any modern interior design project space.

Koket “Spellbound” cabinetTop-5-boutique_ hotels-each- interior_designer- must-know-2014-Koket-spellbound-cabinetThe Spitbank Fort

Spitbank Fort is a sea fort built in 1861-1878 as a result of the 1859 Royal Commission, but was renovated for use as a small luxury spa hotel and retreat with 8 bedroom suites.
It is located in the Solent, a strait separating the Isle of Wight from the mainland of England and has a maritime-inspired and sophisticated interior.

Top-5-boutique_ hotels-each- interior_designer- must-know-2014-The_Spitbank_ Fort_Hotel

Top-5-boutique_ hotels-each- interior_designer- must-know-2014-The_Spitbank_ Fort

Advise 2: Mix and Match Time Periods and Regions of the World

Creating whimsical space, look for pieces of furniture from different time periods. Mix a modern table with clean lines with a chair that has an interesting twist, rather than the traditional, low profile desing chair that would be paired with a modern table.

Baxter “Etienne” armchair

Top-5-boutique_ hotels-each- interior_designer- must-know-2014-baxter-etienneAce Hotel London by Universal Design Studio

Ace Hotel London is a stylish hotel located in Shoreditch, a district in the East End of London, England. It was completed by Universal Design Studio in 2013.

Top-5-boutique_ hotels-each- interior_designer- must-know-2014-Armani_Casa_Rialto (2)

Top-5-boutique_ hotels-each- interior_designer- must-know-2014- Ace-Hotel-London

Advise 3: Mix Bold Colours with laconic furniture

Think about turquoise, or tangerine, or mustard yellow or think about a big pattern with bright colours. Consider stencilling a feature wall with a large scale pattern, bringing not only colours, but interesting lines as well. One way to make sure you’re not overwhelming your space is to choose the remainder of your colour pallet wisely. Bold colours need to be balanced, and in this case neutrals are also your friend. For example, pairing bright blue with the crisp white of the ceiling helps to “contain” the blue. This makes it pop, but also makes it feel like the blue is not taking over the entire room. Also note, the other colours in the space are fairly tame. You don’t have the blue competing with a red or a green for example.

Armani Casa “Rialto” table 

Top-5-boutique_ hotels-each- interior_designer- must-know-2014-Armani_Casa_Rialto
Cowley Manor

Cowley Manor is a splendid lodging property located in Cowley, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, in England. It is surrounded by 55 acres of woodland, parks, and meadows, as well as natural springs, and lakes with Victorian cascades.

Top-5-boutique_ hotels-each- interior_designer- must-know-2014-Cowley-Manor

Top-5-boutique_ hotels-each- interior_designer- must-know-2014-Cowley-Manor-2

Advise 4: Continuity – Fabrics and Finishes

In order to keep continuity in your space start paying attention to the finishes on your furniture’s, window treatments, table legs, etc. If you have items that mix metals and woods, double check that your metals are similar. For example, you can use a polished nickel on your hardware for window treatments, the base of lamps, and tie that into other places in the room, such as candelabras or candle holders. This is the area to think “cohesive,” and leave the playful parts of the room to other places. You can also do this with your fabrics. Pair similar fabrics on various pieces throughout the room, and suddenly your random mess of things will begin to look like a whimsical, free space. To do this, consider starting a fabric board, which is a great way to visualize the various fabrics in your space. You can see cohesion starting to take place, and reference this board when shopping for other items or picking out paint colors.

Brabbu “Nanook” dinning chair 

Top-5-boutique_ hotels-each- interior_designer- must-know-2014-Brabbu-Nanook-dining-chair

POD Boutique Hotel

The POD Boutique Hotel is located in Camps Bay, an affluent suburb of Cape Town, South Africa. Surrounded by a stunning landscape and overlooking the ocean, the hotel is pure elegance and comfort.

Top-5-boutique_ hotels-each- interior_designer- must-know-2014-POD-Boutique-Hotel-2

Top-5-boutique_ hotels-each- interior_designer- must-know-2014-POD-Boutique-Hotel

Advise 5: Choose some items to showcase

This is the part of ultra-modern style that makes it so fun… Incorporate items that tell a story/concept about your client or are truly unexpected.

B&B Italia outdoor “Light Overscale Flames”

Top-5-boutique_ hotels-each- interior_designer- must-know-2014-B&B_Italia-Outdoor-Light-Overscale-Flames

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