When hospitality design meets an Art Apartment!

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Interior design is a passion and a profession of many and there are infinite possibilities for anyone to use creativity when it comes to an idea of a project. Either residential or commercial, you’ll always find the most exquisite, luxurious and sophisticated pieces for that special project. The world of creation and creativity provides so many opportunities and events that one can easily combine hospitality design with private! And this is exactly what Design Contract brings you today: an amazing project of a stunning Art Apartment in the beautiful city of Barcelona!

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When hospitality design meets an Art Apartment!Welcome to the stunning apartment in Barcelona! It is an overwhelming well-constructed idea that appears to be a hospitality project and it is, in fact, the alliance of a classic building structure with a modern and contemporary design. Pure art!

When hospitality design meets an Art Apartment!

This in an apartment that speaks for itself. Luxurious interiors, carefully chosen decoration details. Everything is balanced and the result is simply overwhelming!

When hospitality design meets an Art Apartment!

A project like this one deserves the most special and fine pieces. Contract furniture is most definitely to take into consideration. Its particular features for hospitality projects makes the pieces not only a sophisticated and modern choice but also a safe alternative.

When hospitality design meets an Art Apartment!

When having a project like this in hands, luxury brands are always your best friend! They’ll not only have exactly what you thought about, but they will also give you the opportunity to customise it and make it even more perfect!

When hospitality design meets an Art Apartment! Everything about this creation speaks innovation and sophistication. Like all creative industries, it inspires the world of art but is also by it inspired. It spreads a never-ending feeling of art, culture, stories and history.

When hospitality design meets an Art Apartment!

When it comes to big and challenging projects, the effort that is put into it is so intense that the final result exceeds every expectation. It is a strong and fierce combination of a creative design that when put together with the must spectacular hospitality furniture results in a work of art such is this apartment in Barcelona.

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