Just how much real estate can US $1 million buy you and where would you invest? A compact penthouse in Manhattan, a private apartment in Dubai or a Monaco luxury villa? The first two choices might be a little overwhelmed, but the third one it might be what you’re looking for this Summer holidays. After suffering all sorts of crises in Europe, Monaco was one of the countries who remained immune, with the demand continues to be ongoing, particularly for new built. With a spectacular Mediterranean sea panorama, Villa La Lague designed by Morpheus London has everything you need for a lifetime holiday.


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Monaco luxury villa is a rarest opportunity to find, even more, when you have one of the luxury interior designers studios in charge. The existing property was built over 110 years ago in the Belle Epoque style of the late nineteenth century and has been placed under protective order by H.S.H. Prince Albert.


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The challenge for Morpheus was to make the most of the new spaces generated by the creation of two additional floors, opening those areas to maximize light and accentuate visual access to the panoramic views without compromising the period architectural style. This posed a problem more difficult than it sounds. A century ago, houses in warmer climates were designed to keep out sunlight and the oppressive heat of summer. Tall, narrow windows, shutters and dark interiors were the order of the day.


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Luxury villa designed by Morpheus London


It was not until the 1920s that people began to appreciate the health-giving benefits of sunlight, and, with the introduction of air conditioning and a paler color palette for interiors, architects and designers, for the first time, sought to merge interiors with the outside environment.


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Morpheus London has conceived plans in which the main focus of each floor is centered on the south facing windows and the sea views beyond. A pale and muted color palette throughout draws the eye to the stronger colors of the exterior views, throwing into sharp relief the vivid blue of sea and sky.


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A light, yet sophisticated touch is used for furnishings in a contemporary idiom – clean, modern lines with the highest quality in terms of material, craftsmanship and finish. For instance, polished metal shapes form room dividers without losing the sense of space, and, together with customized crystal chandeliers in cutting edge designs, they playfully reflect light from outside, animating and illuminating interior spaces.


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The existing luxury villa architecture is typical of that found along the Riviera, with tall, narrow shuttered French windows opening onto balconies. The London-based design house, Morpheus London, drew up the proposed plans for the new home. The sellers — an international family that lived in the villa for many years — commissioned the firm to create a design concept that would complement the existing structure.


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