Design Contract suggest a selection of luxury suites to book for perfect Summer holidays in Europe.

Kempinski Hotel, Lithuania

Built in the 1900s, the property is rich with history. The neoclassical Historical Kempinski Hotel building was carefully renovated with a special effort made to reflect and preserve the building’s historical roots, abundantly decorated facade, the neo-Baroque cupolas on the roof and the balconies. True five-star luxury Kempinski Hotel Cathedral Square is situated in a perfect location – in the very heart of culturally and architecturally rich Vilnius Old Town – a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is right on Cathedral Square – just a stone’s throw away from the Presidential Palace with a view over Vilnius Cathedral, the Bell Tower and Gediminas’ Tower – an ideal starting place for exploring the city. Vilnius International Airport is only 7 km away – about a 15-minute drive. There are two golf courses and open-air tennis courts a short drive away. The exquisite décor and the legendary Kempinski service make this hotel the first choice for international travellers, business and leisure alike. Numerous governmental institutions, significant historical landmarks and major shopping avenues are all within walking distance. In Kepinski Hotel you can choose your preferred suite from finest collection of 96 luxurious Rooms and Suites, each with individuality and character.

Luxury-Suites-to- book-for- Perfect Summer-Holidays-Kempinski-Hotel-Facade-in-Morning-Vilnius-Old-Town

Luxury-Suites-to- book-for- Perfect Summer-Holidays-Kempinski-Hotel-Le-Salon-Bar-and-Lounge-in-Vilnius-Old-Town (1)

Finally, indulge yourself in the pleasures of the fully appointed spa and wellness centre, Kempinski The Spa. Liberate all your inner senses and enrich yourself with a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The spa offers individual tailor-made programmes, manicures, pedicures and facial treatments, and there is a fitness area with a heated indoor pool, and two saunas – Finnish and steam. Built in the 1900s, the property is rich with history. The neoclassical building was carefully renovated with a special effort made to reflect and preserve the building’s historical roots, abundantly decorated facade, the neo-Baroque cupolas on the roof and the balconies.

Andronis Luxury Suites Oia Santorini

Reflecting traditional Aegean architecture and overlooking the island’s volcanic crater or caldera, the Andronis Luxury Suites represents the most luxurious, dreamy escape in a Mediterranean setting beyond compare. The multi-villa property gently cascades down the side of this unparalleled Greek island, forming part of the traditional landscape yet with Zen-like sophistication and discrete luxury that make transform these 22 award-winning suites into a lifetime experience.



Elements of minimalist design combine with stunning island sunsets, while multi-level balconies blend with a predominantly white assortment of furniture and finishes, awoken occasionally by touches of red and blue to tickle the senses. Andronis Luxury Suites is set in the quite town of Oia – or Ia as it is pronounced in English – only a short drive from Santorini’s airport and from Thira, the island’s main town.

Luxury-Suites-to- book-for- Perfect Summer-Holidays tsitouras-collection-hotel-santorini-89

Tsitouras Collection

At The Tsitouras Collection, art and hospitality are graciously combined in the unique backdrop of a dramatic landscape, offering the hotel’s guests a feeling of unparalleled luxury. At its five individually-designed suites that overlook one of the most spectacular views in the Mediterranean from a thousand-foot cliff, travellers are invited to indulge in the hotel’s warm, signature welcome, which is complemented by the precious art works from the owner’s private collection that embellish this extraordinary place.

Luxury-Suites-to- book-for- Perfect Summer-Holidays-tsitouras-collection-hotel-santorini-22

Luxury-Suites-to- book-for- Perfect Summer-Holidays-tsitouras-collection-hotel-santorini-11

Even if you know nothing about The Tsitouras Collection’s past, you will sense its powerful aura; as soon as you find yourself standing by the imposing bust of Maria Callas gazing at the caldera as the sun sets in the horizon you will realise why some of the world’s most legendary personalities have been drawn here over the years in search of an inspired and inspiring Santorinian abode.

Luxury-Suites-to- book-for- Perfect Summer-Holidays-tsitouras-collection-hotel-santorini-35

St. Jame’s Hotel

The interiors of St. James’s Hotel and Club have undergone a complete renovation by an international team of architects and designers led by award-winning interior designer AMJ Design, from Berlin.

Luxury-Suites-to- book-for- Perfect Summer-Holidays


Each of the luxurious 60 guest rooms and suites reflects Althoff Hotels attention to detail, incorporating state-of-the-art technology and exquisite furnishings. Many have their own balcony and views over the rooftops of the historic St James’s district, near Mayfair. The penthouse suite features a large roof top terrace unrivalled in this part of London.

Luxury-Suites-to- book-for- Perfect Summer-Holidays -2

Luxury-Suites-to- book-for- Perfect Summer-Holidays-superior1

Luxury Hotel Infante De Sagres by Boca do Lobo

Situated in Porto’s UNESCO Heritage city centre this five-star hotel features a spa centre with massage facilities and a fine dining restaurant. The soundproofed rooms of the Hotel Infante De Sagres combine neo-baroque and custom-made furnishings. The Well-appointed rooms and suites at Infante de Sagres offer the perfect urban retreat in Porto, combining original antiques, a superb collection of modern works of art and custom-designed furniture. Throughout the hotel, a classic Europeans sensibility mixes with the best contemporary design – a harmonious blend that results in a comfortable, luxurious and unforgettable stay.

Luxury-Suites-to- book-for- Perfect Summer-Holidaysinfante-boca-do-lobo

Luxury-Suites-to- book-for- Perfect Summer-Holidays-Hotel-Infante-Sagres

No surprise, Boca do Lobo took their chance to leave one more “signature” in this luxury design hotel – design “Boca do Lobo suite” – a unigue concept suite where hotel visitors will be able for feel and touch the spirit of Boca do Lodo design pieces. Despite that this projects is still under the development Design Contract gives you opportunity to take a glance to this amazing project visualizations and present you some furniture pieces and hand made vintage lamps ob Boca do Lobo partner Delightfull that the final visitors will be able to find there.

Luxury-Suites-to- book-for- Perfect Summer-Holidays-boca-do-lobo

Luxury-Suites-to- book-for- Perfect Summer-Holidays-boca-do-lobo-

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