Are you a luxury hotel addicted? So don´t miss this amazing hotel that Design Contract would like to present to you.

Located between Queens Park Avenue and the luxurious Bloor Street, Windsor Arms Hotel is an unexpected little treasure in the fastest growing city in North America. In fact, Toronto is the 4th most populated city on the continent but takes the 2nd spot when it comes to wealth. Elegantly designed skyscrapers are popping like mushrooms as the city shapes itself as a serious business center attracting more and more enterprises from the United States to Asia.

“To feel like home, but better” In this whirlwind of events, Windsor Arms Hotel (WAH) sits comfortably in its prime location not looking at what others are doing, but instead focusing on creating an exceptional experience for its guests, a place where they can “feel at home – but better”.



Design_Contract_Meet_the_Windsor_Arms_Hotel_in_USA_Image1 Discover fabulous Windsor Arms Hotel in USA Discover fabulous Windsor Arms Hotel in USA Design Contract Meet the Windsor Arms Hotel in USA Image1
Windsor Arms Hotel