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There are a lot of reasons to visit Porto. The city is like an open museum – not one of monuments and art, but one specially dedicated to people and traditions. As you put a foot in Porto you can feel a warm, spirited, generous, plenty of smiles and loud laughter way of living, all seasoned with the best food and wines one can experience. And it is also a perfect place for interior design lovers! Discover the amazing luxury design of a suite of a hotel in the city centre!

Luxury Design Hotel Suite in Portugal  Luxury Design Hotel Suite in Portugal

In a city with so much to offer to tourists, something was missing. A unique suite with an exclusive hospitality design for those looks for the best hotel experience. We’re talking about a luxury design hotel suite in Hotel Infante De Sagres, located in the heart of Oporto, the Best European Destination of 2014, Portugal.


Luxury Design Hotel Suite in Portugal Luxury Design Hotel Suite in Portugal Luxury Design Hotel Suite in Portugal Luxury Design Hotel Suite in Portugal Luxury Design Hotel Suite in Portugal

This hotel is one of the exclusive small luxury hotels of the world. The largest room in the hotel, this suite has received important international personalities. It will continue to do so, only now with a new concept, a hyper-luxury design by Boca do Lobo, a Portuguese design studio well-known for its unique and handcrafted design.

“The aim was to create a space where guests can have real emotional design experience. Boca do Lobo suite is decorated with timeless pieces, each one born from a specific story and brought to life through traditional manufacturing techniques and the passion of skilful master artisans. All these techniques and all this passion can be felt inside. It is a real luxury experience.”, says Marco Costa, head designer of Boca do Lobo.

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