Marco Piva is the founder of Studio Marco Piva. The designer is an innovator who is dedicated to developing one-of-a-kind designs that are infused with aesthetic flexibility.

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Studio Marco Piva

Studio Marco Piva is more than an architectural firm; it is a scientific institution where projects of all dimensions are tackled with systematic rigor. The company’s success is indisputable, as evidenced by an inconceivable amount of famous prizes.

Studio Marco Piva Team

The company presently has a hundred collaborators, all of whom are highly well-prepared and are spread across the main office in Milan, the second office in Shanghai, and several sites throughout the world.

Marco Piva Luxury Homes Projects

Today, be astonished by Marco Piva Contract Projects.

1- Casa Alitalia Piazza del Popolo

Marco Piva Contract Projects, Casa Alitalia Piazza del Popolo

The lounge created by Studio Marco Piva for Alitalia symbolizes a new way of thinking about ground services in an environment rich in comfort, luxury, and “Italian lifestyle.”


2- Casa Alitalia Piazza di Spagna

Marco Piva Contract Projects, Casa Alitalia Piazza di Spagna

This is Studio Marco Piva‘s third design project for Italy’s flagship airline, created to meet tourists and reflect the authentic Italian lifestyle via design while providing exceptional levels of welcome and comfort.


3- Casa Alitalia Piazza San Babila

Marco Piva Contract Projects - Casa Alitalia Piazza San Babila

The goal of Studio Marco Piva’s house Alitalia concept for the Milan Malpensa lounge is to provide travelers with a new sort of welcome, combining intense emotions with immaculate efficiency.

4- Double Tree Hilton Hotel

Marco Piva Contract Projects - Double Tree Hilton Hotel

To create a comfortable, inviting, and elegant atmosphere, the interior design was carried out by developing a formal continuity between the building and the surrounding region, with an emphasis on light colors and natural materials, in harmony with the surrounding green spaces.

5- Excelsior Hotel Galia

Marco Piva Contract Projects - Excelsior Hotel Galia

The hotel Interiors are evocative of the art deco period’s timeless beauty and design, while lighting dominates the spaces throughout the structure, providing an interplay of natural and artificial light.

6- Forum El Djazair Hotel

Marco Piva Contract Projects - Forum El Djazair Hotel

Studio Marco Piva‘s interior design idea aims to introduce a new and higher degree of attention in terms of spaces and style. The idea for this piece came from the location, the shapes and colors of Algerian buildings, and the truly gorgeous scenery.

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7- La Suite

Marco Piva Contract Projects - La Suite

The hotel La Suite in Matera was created by Studio Marco Piva, who drew inspiration from the city’s historical and urban surroundings as well as current aesthetic trends.

8- NH Hotel Laguna Palace

Marco Piva Contract Projects - NH Hotel Laguna Palace

The goal of Studio Marco Piva‘s project is to produce a sophisticated “hospitality industry” building that is meant to pay special attention to the wants and wishes of the client while employing cutting-edge technology and offering high-quality standards.

9- The Iconic Pantheon Hotel

Marco Piva Contract Projects - The Iconic Pantheon Hotel

This hotel created by Studio Marco Piva is an example of trailblazing inventive luxury design with pioneering concepts. It is trendy, hip, and energetic.

10- Una Hotel

Marco Piva Contract Projects - Una Hotel

The use of glass on the ground and mezzanine floors creates a play with transparency, resulting in a fluid communication between the city and the hotel, and vice versa.

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